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Fake American Production and Inventory Control Society certificate. buy APICS certificate. fake APICS diploma certificate. The American Production and Inventory Control Society, inc. was founded in 1957 as a Management organization and has been renamed as The Association for Operations Management since January 1, 2005.It was originally formed by a coalition of 26 organizations across the United States involved in production and inventory management.Some of the MRPII founders and promoters were early members or principals of APICS.At present, APICS has developed into an international and authoritative association of modern management and an educational and training institution. It has 270 chapters and more than 72,000 members in about 30 countries and regions around the world.
Buy fake USA certificate. Founded in 1957 as an acronym for The American Production and Inventory Control Society, APICS stands for The Association for Operations Management.Before 2005, The organization once used The name of The Educational Society for Resource Management.

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