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Buy SMU fake transcript. SMU fake transcript. fake Singapore Management University transcript. Singapore Management University (SMU), founded on January 12, 2000, is the third public university in Singapore funded by the government of Singapore.The goal is to conduct leading academic research and develop leaders with a full range of talent, creativity, and business acumen to fulfill their mission of creating and developing knowledge for a knowledge-based economy. SMU currently has about 7, 000 undergraduates and 1, 000 graduate students, and admits 1, 500 undergraduates a year.It aims to have 8,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students by 2015, with an annual enrollment of 2,000.Professor hunt said smu did not have enough facilities to cope with the extra students and planned to look for suitable locations near the site to implement its expansion plans, such as the old national library.
Howard Hunter, SMU’s President, stressed that the expansion would not change the university’s characteristic of not offering courses in engineering, life sciences and other fields, or considering setting up satellite campuses elsewhere.

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