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Buy Simon Fraser University fake transcript. buy Simon Fraser University transcript. Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada with campuses in Burnaby , Surrey, and Vancouver.The 1.7 km2 Burnaby campus on Burnaby Mountain, located 20 km from downtown Vancouver, was established in 1965 and comprises more than 30,000 students and approximately 950 faculty members.
buy SFU fake transcript. SFU transcript. The university was named after Simon Fraser, a North West Company fur trader and explorer. The original name of the school was Fraser University, but was changed because the initials “FU” evoked the profane phrase “fuck you”. In May of the same year, Gordon M. Shrum was appointed as the university’s first Chancellor. From a variety of sites that were offered, Shrum recommended to the provincial government that the summit of Burnaby Mountain, 365 meters above sea level, be chosen for the new university. buy fake transcript.

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