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Fake University of Barcelona degree. buy University of Barcelona diploma. buy UB degree. UB fake certificate.  University of Barcelona (UB), located in Barcelona, the largest city on the Mediterranean coast and the headquarters of the Mediterranean union, is one of the top 100 universities in the world in terms of comprehensive strength.During the Renaissance, on November 3, 1450, the king of the kingdom of Aragon, Alfonso V DE Aragon, ordered the establishment of the university of Barcelona, which has developed into a world-renowned public university with comprehensive disciplines, integrated education and scientific research, and many scientific and technological achievements.
UB has a relatively balanced strength in all disciplines, ranking more than 200 in the world. It is similar to the level of fudan university and meets the requirements of scholarship application of China scholarship council.Has a strong tradition of medicine, humanities, science and politics and business.The University of Barcelona is a member of the coimbra group known as the European ivy league.