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Buy fake Technical University of Denmark diploma. buy Technical University of Denmark fake degree. The Technical University of Denmark , often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1829 at the initiative of Hans Christian rsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions. buy fake diploma.
DTU was founded in 1829 as the ‘College of Advanced Technology’¬† with the physicist Hans Christian rsted, then a professor at the University of Copenhagen, as one of the driving forces. The inspiration was the √©cole Polytechnique in Paris, France which rsted had visited as a young scientist. The new institution was inaugurated on 5 November 1829 with rsted as its principal, a position he held until his death in 1851. In 1903 the College of Advanced Technology commenced the education of electrical engineers in addition to the construction engineers, production engineers and mechanical engineers already educated at the college.