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Buy HKPC diploma. buy HKPC degree. buy Hong Kong Polytechnic University diploma. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPC) is a public comprehensive research University located in Hong Kong.Founded in 1937, it is one of the oldest universities in Hong Kong and one of the eight higher education institutions in Hong Kong that are funded by the university grants committee of the government and can award degrees. fake degree certificate.
Researchers at the Hong Kong polytechnic university conduct about 2,500 research projects every year.In 2012/13, the research committee of the Hong Kong polytechnic university allocated $133.24 million for research, most of which was funded by the university grants committee .The university has received $153.32 million in external funding for research projects, including $67.18 million from the research grants council ‘s general research fundĀ  and $12.1 million from the RGC’ s outstanding young scholars scheme , for 107 and 16 projects respectively;The grant of $14.1 million in the civil engineering, surveying and construction fields was the 12th consecutive year since 2001/02 that it was the highest among Hong Kong institutions.