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Buy fake Oakland University transcript. buy Oakland University transcript. Oakland University (OU) is a public university located in the cities of Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, Michigan. Situated on a 1,400-acre  campus, it was co-founded by Matilda Dodge Wilson and Alfred Wilson after meeting with John A. Hannah. The university has been officially independent since 1970. Wilson asked U.S. Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield to let the university use a Rochester, Michigan mailing address. After Wilson reminded him that she had contributed to his administration, Summerfield granted her request. buy fake transcript.

Buy fake USA transcript. In September 2009, tenured faculty members represented by the OU chapter of the AAUP went on strike. Issues of contention included the University claiming ownership of professors’ copyrights and patents, refusing to allow faculty input into matters of class size and curricula, reduction of health benefits and a three-year salary freeze.