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Fake AQA diploma certificate. buy AQA certificate. AQA fake certificate. fake certificate. fake UK certificate. AQA- The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance was jointly established by The Associated Examinations Board and The Northern Examinations and Assessment Board in April 2000. It is one of three Examinations that have been held in The UK and enjoys a worldwide reputation. AQA is an independent non-profit certification body. AQA’s global examinations include GCSE, GCE, GNVQ, VCE, Entry Level and dozens of others, with more than 75 million candidates worldwide.The purpose of AQA is to achieve candidates’ own goals through the best assessment training and to make their grades authentic.
As the leader of the UK’s a-levels and exam reform, AQA has put forward constructive Suggestions for the reform of a-levels and exams, focusing on students’ understanding of knowledge and cultivating their ability to use knowledge to solve problems.